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The Dangers of Chemical Odors Found in Nail and Hair Salons

As soon as you walk into a hair or nail salon, you’ll almost always notice a characteristic smell. The smell is that of chemicals commonly used in the products that both of these places work with on a daily basis. From the shampoo to the dyes to the nail polish remover and artificial nails, all of these come from chemicals that are largely unregulated. While they may be getting the job done when it comes to your hair or nails, these substances are emitting fumes into the air that can affect the health of both the customers and workers in the salon.Toxins in Hair Salons-side effects of formaldehyde exposureMany products used in hair salons contain active chemicals and other dangerous, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) that can make us sick when we get exposed from them. These chemicals can contribute both to relatively minor reactions for those with chemical sensitivities, to life-threatening ones, as many of the classified chemicals used as potential carcinogens. The danger is there …